Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things in Things

I just realized how many baskets or things I have holding things.
But I do think it is a good idea having a designated place for certain things so that the house doesn't get cluttered and you know where those things are if you have to look for them!
This is a basket I have on the credenza for mail and Drew's magazines or things we need to go through.

When Drew bid on this Gucci golf bag on ebay a long time ago, he knew there would be some use for it right?  The umbrella holder by the door!

I bought this basket for $12 at Old Time Pottery and I have it in the first landing of the stairs.  If I don't have time to run upstairs or I just don't want to, I put it in the basket and take it up and unload when I want.

THE BEST.  My utensil crock.  I can't imagine life without it or how all this stuff would fit in a drawer! So easy to grab anything I need when I'm at the stove.

I just recently received this footed compote in my every day china. I think it is beautiful.  It is the perfect size to store fruit and veggies.

Besides my Juliska everyday we registered for, my grandmother gave me all of her everyday china a couple of years ago.  This is a serving piece from it.  I love that it is white so I can mix pieces with my new.  This is Drew's Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine candy.  I don't touch it!

This big bowl sits on top of the fridge with all the bread.

I really don't like clutter and I live to be organized.  So these pieces help make my life simple!

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  1. I use a pretty, yellow flower pot for my crock :)