Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hope everyone had a glorious weekend!  Two of my very good friends came to stay with me on Friday night and they were both lovely enough to give me a little gift for hosting their stay.  Shout out to Sallianne and Meredith!

Sal gave me this cute tin candle holder with an unscented candle.  She said it is for outside and it WOULD look perfect on my front porch.  But, until this weather is warm consistently and I can sit outside every evening, I'll keep it inside.  Also because I think it is so pretty, I want to enjoy it!

With the candle.  I am sure it will look really pretty one spring night with the candle flickering... But until then...

Found a vase that is a little taller than the holder, so I can get it in and out.  Filled it with water and set the vase down in it.

Then filled it with my beautiful gerber daises that I bought from Whole Foods before my guests came.

So until it is warm, this is the centerpiece of the dinner table!  Love it! Thanks Sal.
(And thanks Mere for the yummy smelling candle, I'm burning it all the time!)

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  1. Aw it looks GREAT! Love the flowers in it. You are so creative! And I am so proud to have made it onto your blog!