Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cheapest Nightstand EVER!

Good morning!  After D and I got engaged of course I went CRAZY trying to do the house.  Well one of the last things I needed was my own nightstand.  I had redone Drew's to match his dresser and to match the one I bought for myself.  I looked EVERYwhere for a night stand.  Then my mom had a bright idea to buy one of these little round stick tables, skirt it, and have a piece of glass cut for the top.  Well one time I was at home with my parents and I ran to a garage sale (this was after I had given up on the nightstand for a while).  I found this table... for $1!!!!

This is the table skirted.  The green is the same fabric as the chair I recovered for our bedroom and the topper is the same fabric as our duvet.  Less than $30 of fabric.

Finished product.

Table: $1
Fabric: $30
Glass: $10

So a $41 custom made night stand!  I like it.  I just wish it had a drawer.. So I have to stick some things under the skirt!  Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I LOVE your custom nightstand, Sarah! SO beautiful!