Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In door green thumb

In the last couple of weeks I have collected some plants and flowers.  My mother has so many plants around their house and I want to be like that!  Some how I can't keep them alive very long, so I am crossing my fingers this time.  They are good for you too!

These are two types of cacti.  They probably are not to be planted together.. But I thought it would be really cute in one of my grandmothers antique cups by the sink.  They are to have medium-high light and not much water.  They are the not prickily kind of cacti.

Sorry for the bluriness. I need to work on spending time taking my pictures.  This is a bromeliad.  I got it from Collier's Nursery on Old Rocky Ridge.  They were SO helpful.  I told them I wanted a plant, easy maintenance, and that didn't need much light (because we don't get much light downstairs).  I also already had the pot, from Old Time Pottery, so they helped me get a plant that made all these requirements!  This is it! I love the orange bloom.  They said to let it fully dry out before watering it again.  So I am patiently waiting... I don't want this one to die.  The lady who helped me said that in about 6 months the bloom would die, but that another would sprout shortly after, in a different place.

For the last few weeks when I make my weekly Publix trip, I grab a bouquet of flowers.  One of the $3.99 or $4.99 ones.  I have had these daiseys almost 2 weeks.  They came in a larger bouquet and these are the ones that have continued to last.  I change the water out every few days and trim them.

Drew came home last night with a beautiful pink and green bouquet for me last night.  He had to go to Target to pick up a prescription and we had been there the day before and he remembered that I had commented on this bouquet.  I had a few of the flowers from my bouquet at Publix.  I kept the green ones from that bouquet and added the ones he brought me last night.  I LOVE greenery too, all the extra makes for a beautiful centerpiece!

Here are a few left over in a little bud vase in the powder room.  All I do is spend max $4.99 a week and they spruce up my week and home! 


  1. Sarah, in your first picture, the plant with the rounded leaves is called a Jade plant. I love succulents because you are supposed to water them really infrequently. They are perfect plants for busy people.

  2. Great!! Thank you for telling me! I threw out the information about them!

  3. Love seeing all the pics of your place. It is so perfect!