Friday, February 5, 2010

Recipe Friday

I have 2 REALLY simple soup/chili recipes that take less than 45 minutes a piece from start to finish.  Before it starts to get warm I thought I would post these!  They both are really yummy and they both have become 2 of my staple recipes to go to for an easy dinner.

Taco Soup (from my mom)
serves 8-10

1 1/2 lbs ground chuck-browned
1 (16 oz) can whole kernal corn
1 (16 oz) can pinto beans (so not rinse)
1 (16 oz) kidney beans
1 (10 oz) can Ro-tel tomatoes
2 (16 oz) cans stewed tomatoes
2 cups water
2 beef bouillion cubes
1 (1.25 oz) taco seasoning mix
1 (1 oz) package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

Mix all ingredients in large stock pot.  Heat to boil and simmer 30 minutes.  Serve with cheese, nachos, sour cream, and salsa.

I have used ground chuck and ground turkey for this.  Both are good!

White Chili (from Drew's mom)
serves 4-6

1 medium onion, finely chopped
3 Tablespoons olive oil
1 (4 oz) chopped green chilis
3 Tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 (16 oz) can great northern beans (drain & rinse)
1 (14.5) oz can chicken broth
1 1/2 cups chopped chicken breast

Cook onion in oil until soft.  Add chilis, flour, and cumin, cook and stir about 3 minutes.  Add this mixture, chicken broth, and beans to pot.  Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer 10-15 minutes.  Add chicken, cook until hot.

These recipes are SO EASY!  I try and get all Publix or Target brand cans and I really do save some money.  Also I didn't know what great northern beans were, but I used Navy beans in the white chili.  I do NOT like to cook chicken, I always over cook it so it isn't raw and then it turns out to be tough and chewy like bubble gum.  So I use a rotisserie chicken for the white chili, it is SO easy to use and you have left over for another meal!  Enjoy! Happy Weekend!

(I didn't put pictures up because soups and chilis don't look all that appetizing on film..)


  1. I freaking LOVE taco soup! I was just telling Eric I needed to make all my fave soups again before the end of the season.

  2. I am making on of these tonight! And one on Thursday! Thank you!

  3. YAY good luck Rebecca!! They are so easy!

  4. OK, so I did 2 tablespoons of cumin by accident BUT Joe loved it! We are spice junkies so we added sriracha sauce! It was so yummy! The taco soup is a favorite of mine, I have made it before but never with quite so many beans- loved it! I added cheese and sour cream like you suggested and it was yummy! We've had soup for days! I read the cornbread recipe- I love cornbread so I may have to make it! Have you ever had Shelley's chili? It goes so good with cornbread! I may have to make that together before the chill in the air is gone! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. SO glad you liked them!! That corn thing isn't really corn bread.. It is mushier, but it is SO good! I use my mom's chili recipe. it is INCREDIBLE and a little spicy, I like it that way. It cooks ALL day long, pretty much. But we usually have corn bread with it, I like to make spicy, cheesey, corn bread! YUM! Let me know if you want the reg. chili recipe! Now I want some soup or chili!