Sunday, February 7, 2010

Powder Room

It's been a strange weekend.  But we have a good week coming up.  My sweet doggie of almost 16 years was put to rest on Friday morning.  My whole family is having a hard time coping with the loss, he was part of the family!  But tonight we are having Drew's cousin Mark and his wife Michelle over for dinner before they leave for Brazil for 4 years!  We will miss them dearly.  My parents are coming to be with me Wednesday and they are spending the night.  We are going antiquing so I can post if I find anything good! Speaking of finding something good, went to "On a Shoestring" again this afternoon with Drew and got something AWESOME!  I will post on it tomorrow.  Then Saturday one of my very best friends, Coral is coming to stay with us and she, Laura, and I are going to the BLACK EYED PEAS!  Can't wait.  Anyway, so start of a new, fresh, clean week.

Speaking of clean and fresh this is our powder room.  This is the only wall with the damask wall paper. The rest of the walls are painted a light, light creme, the color of the pattern.  I notice now more than ever how crooked and badly spaced my frames are... Must get on that soon.  The frames were %50 off at Hobby Lobby, that is THE ONLY time to buy picture frames, they have such good deals!  The frames came matted with the white mattes and the inside is just damask patterned craft paper that I cut to fit. Can you believe that the toilet is creme and the pedestal sink is white!? ugh.

This mirror is from Home Goods.  I think it was less than $30.  They have an awesome selection of mirrors.  You can see the miniature window (kind of) in the mirror.  I couldn't maneuver well enough to get a shot of the window (it is a powder room).  I have a long, geometric patterned, white window treatment that drags the ground.  I have a mate for it and I have thought about one day hanging them on the 4 tall windows in our stair well.  But for now, it stays.

I have had this shelf since I was a little girl.  The room needed a little something else in it and so I stuffed this in there.  Right now it is too cluttered for me, but I like everything that's on there!  Any suggestions on what to do with the shelves?

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  I will post my cool, antique item tomorrow!!

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