Thursday, February 11, 2010


SO my parents came yesterday!  We had a quick lunch and only got to go to ONE store.. Then we went car looking for my mom.  So that took the rest of the day.  Luckily they will be here a little longer today and we are going to hit the old Ethan Allen store and Home Goods.  

Found these jewels at the Consignment/Antique store on Rocky Ridge behind the old Starbucks.  The name has completely left me for the moment.  It is 1960's Danish sofa and 2 chairs.  For $475 with %20 off.  If you are interested let me know and I can give you directions.  It is a steal of a deal for me.  Probably because I want it so badly... I have no where to put it.  I would OBVIOUSLY recover the cushions, but if you like the fabric... you are in luck!  Each piece is in PERFECT condition, even the straps under the cushions.  Some one took perfect care of these puppies.. As I would. =(

This is actually very similar to the Danish bedroom chair I bought recently that I have been meaning to re-do for a month or so...

Maybe we will find something else spectacular today!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and I'll put up a yummy recipe tomorrow (or 2)!
Dinner food? Sides? or DESSERT?  Someone tell me what they would rather me put up!

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  1. Well, they're beautiful chairs and I love the print. Somehow they don't look very comfortable, though.