Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's been so long!  I am going to do updates more often with things I've done for Drew's and my house!  It is the first project I have seen come to complete fruition!  It is very exciting.  The house Drew has lived in has evolved!  Here was one of my first projects.  We decided to keep Drew's existing bedroom furniture.  I painted it all and got new hardware.  
I found this dresser at salvation army for $50.


My guess is that it was from the 1950's due to the decals.  Obviously it was a baby dresser.  Behind the left door is 4 drawers and behind the right is a little hanger that pulls out to hang baby clothes.  Considering I won't be able to use that, I will probably stack sets of sheets in that part.  It really was a well made piece of furniture, in very good shape.  I sanded the decals down and to make the surface not so glossy so that the new paint would stick.

I paid close to $50 for the awesome mirrored, square hardware.  I love the way it turned out.  I had glass cut for it because we are going to set a TV on top.
So for around $100 (not including the paint) I have a new, retro dresser!

This is Drew's dresser, it had brass hardware and was just a plain wood looking thing.  Not a great shot, but you get the picture!