Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning

This Tuesday morning I am going to Tuesday Morning!  Once I drink some coffee and awake my senses, I am on a mission.  They have some GREAT deals today and I think for the rest of this week.  It starts at 8 am today.  Here is a link showing some of their new items and their great prices!  I am going to try and find a few outdoor accessories to spruce up our front porch.  Maybe a few birthday/mother's day gifts, etc.

Found a great, inexpensive planter yesterday!  Went to Old Time Pottery.  It was green and $8.99.  So far, I've painted it. Going to get soil, flowers, and herbs today!  Trying to do some research to see what would be best and easiest to plant.  I'll post the before and after tomorrow!

These are some of the CUTE things at Tuesday Morning.

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