Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good buy and some pretties.

I really needed some rugs for inside by all 3 doors that lead outside.  I knew I needed ones with rubber backing and for the rug to be rough enough to brush shoes off.  I checked out Old Time Pottery because since I needed to somewhat buy in bulk and they have such cheap prices.  I'm GLAD I did!  I have never seen an indoor, outdoor, and bathroom rug selection in my life quite like theirs!  They had some great ones and of course some tacky, cheap looking ones.  I  bought 3 bound, mountain grass, rubber backed rugs for $11.99 a piece!  I was thrilled.  They had different colored boarders as well like black, red, taupe, and brown like mine.

I saw D-Money's aunt today and she asked if I wanted some butter beans from their veggie garden.  Of course I did and while I was there she asked if I wanted any of her flowers from their front yard!  Like I didn't already have enough around the house, now I have more beautiful flowers!
Lovely, pink Azeleas.

And my all time favorite... Hydrangeas!  Lucky me, she told me if I ever wanted more to come over and clip them, no call needed!

My book stand is ready to be picked up!  The guy said he completely knew why I gave up.  Said it was a lot of work to get the paint off.  I am picking it up this afternoon and plan on starting to stain it this afternoon or tomorrow.  I'll post pics next week, I hope I'm done by then!

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  1. Your blog is so cute! I had to go to that link and now I have a new background too :)