Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Planter Project


The planter is from Old Time Pottery.  I bought it for $8.99.  I had some left over spray paint that I used on the chairs.

I went to Home Depot today to buy some flowers/plants.  I prepped by laying out a trash bag, potting soil, and all the plants.

From the outside of the planter in: Creeping Jenny- Outside.  Pink Impatiens- Next.  Coleus in the middle.  I spent about $20.  Someone helped me, BIG time, because I don't know what works with shade, etc.  She told me once it got REALLY hot to water them every other day.

The white square pot is from Tuesday Morning.  I bought it off the clearance rack for $3.99.  I bought 2 containers of sweet mint.  I LOVE MINT.  It smells so great and I have already used some in my tea today.

I rinsed off a popsicle stick and with a sharpie wrote MINT on the clean end.  Then stuck it in the soil of my mint pot. VOILA!

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  1. Very pretty!! I wish I had green thumbs. I killed an aloe plant last summer and before that an ivy. I am just not good with plants! But yours look lovely!