Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PROGRESS (If you can call it that)

This is after an hour of power sanding realizing that it wasn't working...  I went and bought paint stripper, gloves, mask, etc.  Worked on it for close to 5 hours... And this is it!?  I have had D-Money help me.  We scraped after spraying the stripper on SEVERAL times.  Then used water and steel wool.  I PRAY that tomorrow I can finish getting the paint off and Thursday start staining.  Trying to remain positive.  But if I can give you any advice... PAY whatever it takes to get it professionally done!!


  1. Paint it black, then distress it. If you like that blue color at all, you can make a wash out of some blue paint and top the black off with that. You could do the same thing with a green, if you wanted to. Just go buy a small sample from the paint store, tell them what you're wanting to do, so that you don't mix paint with the incorrect substance!

  2. I'm determined to get all the paint off and stain it so that it matches the rest of my retro furniture! I just had to take a break for a day!!