Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch up

Today I am playing the catch up game.  Drew left for the Master's Wednesday night and I left for the beach Thursday afternoon.  We both had a great time on our separate trips.

While Drew was gone and before I left I made him a few things before he came back.  He was thrilled about going to the Master's first of all... So I tried to make it a little extra special.  I'm convinced it was his first trip of MANY.

Anyway, his favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Even his groom's cake was yellow cake with chocolate icing!  See below.

Obviously my cake isn't as beautiful as this one, but he loved it!

Normal yellow cake with chocolate icing:

Drew's dream yellow cake with chocolate icing:

I also made him a batch of Arnold Palmer for him to enjoy while I was gone, although I make him some every week...  Also sent some glorified chex mix and home made chocolate chip cookies for he and his friends he went with to enjoy.

This is a birthday cake I made for my grandparents Easter Weekend.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it, it was gone in 1.5 days!

I love to bake and to put a special twist on everything.  Ever need a cake or cookies for something, let me know!

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