Monday, May 24, 2010

Fresh Look.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Hope you did too!  We went to the beach Thursday and spent a long weekend with my family.  It was wonderful, but too short!  Hopefully I will get in more posts this week than I have been.

Do you ever get tired of what you look at every day?  I have been on this crazy organizing, cleaning, changing kick.  I have organized every nook and craney, every closet, every basket, etc.  I also have been thinking about "our next future house" and how I think I want to do every thing in neutrals and whites. Fresh and clean feeling and no CLUTTER.  So I have been putting some things away and changing things around.  I changed the pillows on the sofa to some others I had around the house.



I know the slip covers are horrid... But I am holding on to the dream of fabulous new sofa's in a fabulous new house!  I'd rather save for that and it work with that house instead of now.
Have a great Monday!

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