Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Mimi

If you all have a chance today to say a little prayer for my Mimi.  She has been through more than any person should ever have to go through in 1 life.  Cancer more than once, over 30 surgeries, many falls, the loss of many loved ones, etc.  Today she goes to the doctor to see if her cancer has grown again.  If it has she will have to go back on IV chemo, which she probably won't be able to handle again.  Please pray that it hasn't grown and she can stay on the pill form of chemo she is on now.  I wish I had all day to tell you about how wonderful my grandmother is and how inspiring and Godly of a woman she is.  She is an inspiration.  In October, I helped her and my step-grandfather move into assisted living and I know she wants to be home SO bad.  I so wish they had the strength to live by themselves, but thankful they have people around when they need them. 

(This picture was taken at our rehearsal dinner, I gave her a handkerchief that said:
"Mimi, may your tears be tears of JOY today. Love Sarah, 11.14.09"
Her name is Joy, and she truly is a Joy!)

So again, my family would appreciate you lifting her up in prayer!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  I am going home for the night and will post a yummy recipe on Friday!

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