Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Art of Correspondence, Thank-you Letters"

This is a wonderful, informative lesson from one of my very best friends Nicole Gum.  She shares my appreciation for etiquette, we have even talked about writing our very own etiquette book one day, together!  That would be SO fun.  Here is a little bit about Nicole:

Nicole Gum currently resides in Washington, D.C. She graduated in May 2008 from Tulane University with a degree in Psychology.  She is employed by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as an Advertising Specialist for their publication. She enjoys traveling, reading, and watching Mad Men in her free time. While she loves the exciting lifestyle of a big city- she hopes to return back to the South soon for Graduate School and to be closer to her wonderful family and friends. 

The Art of Correspondence
Thank-you Letters

I am delighted to be a contributing writer to The Creative Instinct Blog (which I follow devotedly). Let me begin with saying that I am a firm believer in expressing gratitude through the traditional form of letters. Now in contemporary times, I understand that e-mail is popular, but readers please never underestimate the value of a hand-written letter. I enjoy Crane and Co. Stationery which is sold at most stationery retailers. (

Most Important Message: Regardless of the present; every gift deserves a proper thank-you.

Here are some tips for writing an appropriate thank-you letter:
1.) Address the recipient of the card and wish them well.
2.) Thank them for the gift directly (ex. the toaster, the sweater, the gift certificate).
3.) Explain in brief detail how much you enjoy using/wearing/spending that certain item. Use colorful adjectives!
4.) Make the note personal by adding your own essence to it while addressing the recipient. It is always good to bring up the possibility of seeing them again soon at a future date.
5.) Finally, at the end of the thank-you letter reiterate their kindness and their generosity.

Remember also to write thank-you notes timely. Never wait longer than 2-4 weeks before mailing them out. It might seem like a small gesture, but illustrating your appreciation in words is not only polite but also imperative.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde
My 2 favorite etiquette books are :

Check them out! Or ask me! They both are very close to me.  Hope you enjoyed Nicole's post.  When in doubt, ALWAYS write a thank you note! If someone has you for dinner, sends you a little gift, anything. Anyone's thoughtfulness to get something for you or do something for you ALWAYS deserves appreciation and writing a thank you note doesn't take long.  Just follow Nicole's steps!

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