Monday, March 22, 2010

Bedroom Chair or (Landing Chair)

This is the chair I bought at the Antiques and Consignment store in the old Ethan Allen.  The tag on it said "retro bedroom chair".  It is REALLY comfortable and I think it has lots of potential.  I just haven't been able to see the potential yet.

The table is one of three nesting tables, the large one is used as the end table down stairs, the medium one and this small one were in "the man cave".  So I stole this one and put it there, permanently, or as a substitute!  I don't think it looks bad.  I have looked for an antique small side table and haven't had much luck.

I haven't found a fabric that I am obsessed with yet.  I think I need to find the fabric before I decide if I am going to paint the wood.

Should I choose a solid, textured fabric and paint the chair a color?  Or should I choose a large, small, print fabric and paint the wood a neutral color?  HELP!
If you have an opinion, I would love to hear it!  I want this to be a stand out chair!


  1. I think you should keep the woodwork as is and use a fabric like these drapes:

    (couldn't figure out how to just give you an image...)

  2. I would keep the wood as is and use maybe a bright yellow textured fabric on the cushions? :)