Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things, some new.

This is a tea pot I received as a wedding gift, but just thought it would be super cute with some fresh flowers in it sitting on the counter.

I have had the one on the right, but just bought the one on the left at Old Time Pottery.  Put them together and it is a new creation!  Looks the same on the other side of the mantle!

I love this little guy.  I bought him at Ross for $3.99.  I need to get a votive that sits in side and then he can be all lit up!

I have tried TONS of lotions, my skin has been so dry.  This honestly works SO well.  My skin feels great and moisturized!  And it is cheap!  Read more here.

These are yummy and lo-cal.  Coupon here

Share your favorite things at the moment with me!  Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

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