Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Organizing and great deals.

I think I have a problem.  Everything HAS to have a place.  Yesterday morning I got the bee in my bonnet to organize the laundry room and underneath all the kitchen cabinets.  Keep in mind, I organize the laundry room like once a month.  It is my MAIN storage area for extra kitchen things I don't have room for, laundry supplies, my pool bags and towels, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.  It's such a small room and A LOT of stuff is in there.  Plus it is oddly shaped so if I put stuff in there I have to angle myself to put the wash in.  Anywho.  So I went to Target and bought 2 plastic drawer things, 1 to go in between the washer and one to fit in the odd space (but not cover the air vent! so it has rollers)

I went to the Dollar Tree (one of my very favorite stores) and bought all this.
3 red stackable baskets (for candle storage and 1 for my food storage container lids)
2 blue baskets with handles (for cleaning supplies)
4 clear containers with white tops (for my nail polish, kitchen napkins, and I think I have 1 left over)
4 large white containers (for cleaning supplies, storage in laundry room, storage for extra toiletries in linen closet)
all for $14.70

Seriously, why go anywhere else to get these things!? They are so cheap!  And they have drawer organizers too, which is very helpful in a desk or kitchen.

This is in between the washer and dryer, have dryer sheets, stain stick, etc in top drawer and powder room/nice kitchen hand towels in the bottom 2 drawers.

It looks kinda messy, but it is nice to have something to stack things on!  First drawer, random bags for dry cleaning, toting things places, etc. Second drawer, ribbon, bows, gift tags.  Third drawer, beach towels.  Fourth drawer, gift bags.

Yes, I have to stand on the washer or dryer to get to any of this..  But I have to put this stuff somewhere!!

Great deals.  I really have been wanting some Martini Glasses.  So Sunday afternoon D$ brought me to Pier 1.  I got 8 of these stemless Martini glasses for $2 a piece.  These little white serving bowls were like a buck!!  SO I got all of this for:

 like $22!

They had a lot of glassware and serving pieces on MAJOR sale.
Go get you some!
I also realized I could serve dessert in these glasses too, I think it would be pretty!

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