Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Recently I have been in a nesting phase minus the pregnant thing.  I have organized every room, every closet, every under the counter space, ETC.  I'm posting some pictures to show up I organize, mostly by category.

This is the pantry.
I organized the cans with cans, all the baking mixes, etc.  I put the things I use daily in arms reach.  I put the things I don't use very often in the back or up top.

These are great.  I picked them up at Target yesterday. I put all of our zone and south beach and granola bars in 1 box, instead of having 6 boxes strung all over the pantry.  I also have misc. snack foods in the bottom one.

Fridge.  Drinks up top; dairy on next shelf, like yogurt, butter, etc. ; drinks; and meat on the bottom shelf.

Condiments on first 2 shelves on the door; salad dressing and marinades; then things I don't use often on the bottom!

The time it takes to organize is SO worth it.  Yesterday I spent an hour on the pantry, fridge, and the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.  I recommend organizing every couple of months.  That way, there is NO way it can get completely out of control and you can also weed things out due to expiration dates.  Hope this will inspire someone to get organized!

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  1. I so need you to come and help me organize! I love the containers from Target... I have a couple, and I am wanting to get more. Maybe we can schedule a day for you to come to our house and give me some pointers!