Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Pretties.

World Market has a lot of cute stuff right now.  When I went to look for out door tables, I got a little bit of EVERYTHING else instead of a table.  Like these lovely place mats.  I love the pattern and the colors are perfect.  They easily lay flat as well.  They were $3.99 a piece.

When my parents were here this past weekend we went to our "favorite."  The old Ethan Allan store on 31, "Interiors and Antiques."  I believe that is what it is called.  I found these awesome vases.  I was looking for some sort of contraption to put my dried bridal bouquet in.   These vases were less than $10 a piece!  I was shocked.  They are thick glass too.  So right now I have my bridesmaids bouquet from Kerra's wedding in one.

And my bouquet.  Unfortunately, it was not dried hanging up, it was laying flat.  My mom couldn't do it because there was an emergency trip my family had to take the day after our wedding.  But, my favorite way to dry flowers is so easy!  Use a wire hanger and some clothes pins.  Take the bouquet or flowers and clip the stems to the hanger and hang them somewhere out of the way to dry, like the garage or laundry room.

Here is my bouquet on top of our china cabinet.

And I finally found a table to go with the cute chairs.  I found it at Ross for $29.99!! It was the cheapest I found, exactly what I was looking for, and the wood matches perfectly.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, over halfway through the week!

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