Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good work reaps rewards.

Sweet D$ was nice enough to stay 2.5 hours after a huge church service on Sunday.  Unfortunately, I could only wait on him for an hour (I had a migraine and felt HORRIBLE).  When he was done he told me he had some presents for me.  I was like what?  I thought in my head, I've been waiting on you for forever and you stopped and got something? haha.  Well I walked outside and he had these beauties.

Pretty azaleas and ferns.  Not sure how to care for them, so anyone who knows, please inform me!!  I put the azaleas in a pot and watered them all, but that is it.  Our front porch is starting to look like I am a crazy plant lady, luckily not a crazy cat lady.  I'd like to move some to the back porch with the cute new table and chairs, but I don't know what can be in the sun constantly.  Any help would be much appreciated!!

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