Friday, June 11, 2010

Diet Coke Cake.

This is almost a re-post.  Thanks to my good friend Lauren who wrote the Recipe-Friday post last Friday!  I just have to say, I've made yellow cupcakes with Sprite Zero and chocolate icing.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing is Drew's favorite.  I also made Devil's food cake (with 50% less sugar, made with Splenda) and diet coke.  This one was my favorite.  It was so moist and delish!  I topped it with cool whip and kept it in the fridge at my friend Jessica's suggestion.  Then for our girls supper club Wednesday night I made triple chocolate fudge cake with diet coke and cool whip.  It seemed to be a hit!  There were only 2 pieces left over!  If you haven't tried it already, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Saves so many calories and there is NO difference in taste!  All you have to do is make it like the back of the box but leave out the eggs, oil, and water and replace them with a diet canned beverage!

Saturday morning I am making my Italian grandmother's (Nanny) Apple cake for D$'s parents birthday.  I even cut out a stencil that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me to use when I sprinkle my powdered sugar on.  I'm out of control.  I'm sure it is delicious and maybe next Friday I will share that recipe and a pic or 2! Have a fabulous weekend!

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