Friday, January 22, 2010

Where I won't be sitting this weekend!

Happy Friday!  I have so been look forward to the weekend.  This is where I won't be spending any time.. This is my "office/desk" area.  It is at the top of the stairs in the landing beside our bedroom.

I treasure the antique Herman Miller chairs I found at an antique shop here in Birmingham.  One of the more expensive purchases for this home.. What can I say?
The clear boxes are actually stackable shoe boxes, but great for organizing my office supplies and different cords!  My hanging file next to it is for all of my stationary, always writing letters! Great southern tradition.  Received the acrylic monogram trash can at my monogram shower in August.  I like it too much to actually put trash in it. =)

The white shelves and brackets were from Lowe's, very inexpensive.  They support a lot as you can see!   Great to display more picture frames and my little knick knacks.  I bought 4 cork tiles at CVS for like $3 and put them underneath the shelf.  The desk lamp is from HomeGoods, they have the BEST lamps and light fixtures.  The desk is from  SUCH a great website and the fact that it shipped for $2.95!  Anything from ships for that price!  The desk was under $200 and Drew put it together with ease.  I love it.

Close up of another wall cluster! (more to come!) As some of you know, I have a deep obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright.  Drew agreed before we got married that if we ever built a house it would be Frank Lloyd Wright inspired.  As long as he had a putting green and some kind of hitting something.. Bought the Fallingwater poster and the 2 watercolors at his home and studio in Chicago senior year.  The sketch in the bottom left hand corner is from a book and it is of a lovely flat roofed house, that hopefully ours will look like one day!  Drawings in the middle on top are from my thesis.  The long one on the bottom was a sketch I did at my internship at Fuqua & Partners Architects in Huntsville.

To the side I have a mission style book case with all my old design books and many others.  I don't want to show it yet, because I have recently purchased a chair to go in the landing.  I am in the process of finding fabric (today, actually) and I will re-finish the wood as well.  It will come in another post!

Hope everyone has a fabulous, safe weekend!

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  1. DURN!! It looks so good! I'm an organizational nut myself. So I LOVE looking at stuff like this! beautiful!