Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where I spend the most of my time!

Dining area.  The china cabinet is an antique that my parents have had forever.  They gave it to us as a wedding present as well as our wedding!  It is STUFFED to the max with all of our fine china, 20 place settings and all!  Drew's mom chose the table and chairs before Drew moved into the house a few years ago.  It is counter height.  The log candles are from Nadeau in Homewood, love that store.  It is so inexpensive and they have some really neat pieces of furniture.

I bought the majority of these frames from Hobby Lobby in their 90% off section.  They had nicks or something, but spray painted them all the same.  I've thought about putting pictures in them, like a collage or something, but I really like the simplicity of it.  The light fixture was from I.O. Metro and I paid WAY too much for it.  But I do love a drum shade.

The barstools I bought for my apartment.  They are the wrong height here and just last night ordered some new bar stools.  They are FABULOUS!  They will be here just before Valentine's Day.  Happy Valentines Day to me!  Everything is pretty much standard in this kitchen.  Besides the back splash.  I put that up, it is from Home Depot.  I really think it spruces up the kitchen, in a very inexpensive way!  Less than $300 for the whole kitchen.  I have to keep my big every day china service pieces on the top of the cabinets because they are too big or there's not enough room in the cabinets!

I keep this on the counter.  It is an old mirror, I use it as a tray.  With my Southern Living green polka dotted vase and mini pears, and the art deco milk vases I found at J & J Junk for $0.75 a piece.

There is our kitchen!  My favorite part: the 50's/60's canisters I found a year ago.

(Picture taken at my apartment, hence the ALL white)

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