Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is our master bath.  Also painted "Amazing Gray" by Sherwin Williams.  The piece of "art" over the toilet is an original by MOI!  I bought a couple of yards of this natural looking fabric, some greek key stamps, and the little .97 cent paints, everything from Hobby Lobby.  Got bored one night in my apartment back in August and just went wild.  Then wrapped the fabric around the wood frames that you pop together, also very inexpensive.

I have a problem with clustering things that are a like.  But I like my little "S" collection.  2 are from Hobby Lobby and 1 was from Urban Outfitters that I painted silver.  I try to keep the vanity clean without clutter.  So i have q-tips, cotton rounds, and flossers in the little glass containers I got at Target.

We bought a curved shower curtain.  The tub is rounded like a jacuzzi tub so we thought it would create a more open shower experience.  Drew HAD to have the expensive, rain, waterpik shower head and it is huge so the more room the better.  I bought a crinkle, cream shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Had the 2'x2' sample of the Duralee fabric used on the pillows in the bedroom left over, so I had it sewn in the middle to pull it all together.  You can't see, but I have 2 green Shaw bath shaggy bath mats, one by the tub and one under the sink/vanity.

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  1. Sarah! Your house is so cute. I love the colors- that gray in y'alls bedroom is awesome... I can't wait to be in a HOUSE to really decorate!

    Love it all, hope you are doing great!