Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lamp Makeover

This is similar to what my lamp looked like.  Stupid me.. I did not take a before picture.  I found this picture though and it is pretty close.  Just imagine the shade being 1 neutral color, and the lamp base a pale yellow and sage green.  

So I used Rub n Buff in silver for the lamp base.  I love this stuff, I should be their spokesperson I use it so much!  1 small tube would do a whole wall ( I wouldn't actually try it on your wall ) but it goes SO far, you get my point.  I was at Urban Outfitters earlier in December and a lamp shade caught my eye.  I really liked it because it had a silver design on it and I thought it would look neat with my silver lamp base.  Well I went back a couple of weeks later and all the shades were on sale for $9.  So, needless to say I bought it.  I love it.  So here is the AFTER picture of my lamp.  It sits on my desk. 

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  1. Yay! So glad my lamp has a hip second lease on life.