Thursday, January 15, 2009

Furniture I long for.

I have promised myself, that one day I will own a Womb Chair, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948.  I took this picture in the KNOLL showroom at the Merchandise Mall in Chicago last year.  When you sit in it, the chair hugs your body.  Hence, the name.
There is nothing that I dislike in this photo.  Everything is clean, crisp, white; besides the yellow chairs.  I took this picture in the Herman Miller showroom in Chicago last year.  It is the perfect little conversation area.  I just love how CLEAN it looks.  I hate clutter!
This bed...  It can be found at Z Gallerie.  P.S. they are having a HUGE sale right now...  I love how it is modern/traditional.  I am a BIG fan of all things modern, but this is just the right amount of both.  Comfortable enough to sit up in bed also I have always dreamed of having an almost all white bedroom.  (Next blog, my dream bedroom)

I call it a SUN burst.  You will hear people call them Star Bursts and Sun Bursts.  Whatever... I'm obsessed.  Drew's mother and I went shopping together to find pieces for his house a year and a half ago and we found a SUN burst.  I have never been SO obsessed with a decorative mirror, in my life;  I have threatened to steal it from his house.  I found this one online, I don't remember where.  They are everywhere online.  A lot of stores have them these days, but some are too chunky for my taste.  This one = perfection.

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  1. you need to just bite the bullet and get one...or better yet, make one! i saw a show, maybe trading spaces or something, where they took a simple round mirror and some spray painted thin wooden dowels and glued them all around the back of the mirror! i think it would look just as good, plus they added small mirrored circles around the dowels randomly to make it look kinda modern/spacy. you could tot. do it. this is laura btw