Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from Atlanta!

<--- Eddie and our LARGE group.

Sunday we met Eddie Ross and Jaithan at Scott's Antique Market and walked around the OVER WELMING booths to find things worth fixing up and creative ways to use pieces that you would never imagine! With my Interior Design degree, it was great for me to get that experience.   Sometimes I am frightened to paint wood, recover fabric, or go outside of the box.  I AM a creative person but... It was so good to gain more confidence in stepping outside the box! I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back. 

2 prints that I loved, I might try and paint it.  There were several different dress sketches.  They would look great framed in thin black frames, un-matted, and clustered on a wall.

NOW, unfortunately I didn't find anything at Scott's that I HAD to have..  Except a beer stein that had a golf club on it for Drew...  Mrs. Stevens, Shelley, and I did stop at two antique stores in Anniston on the way back to Birmingham that I LOVE!
The first picture is an antique mirror tray with glass detailed handles that I put on my dresser.  It is in pretty good shape, I can tell the mirror is very old.  The tins are my favorite find.  Shelley and  I found some pink retro 50's tins at the first Antique Shop, but she reminded me that one day when they are not just mine that the male figure in my life, might not want them out...  At the second store I found these, I am in love with them.  They are so retro and much more neutral!


Next blog... I will try again to upload a picture of something that I wanted so very badly at Scott's.  1. It was too expensive to buy considering all I would do with it... 2.  It would not have fit in the SUV to get back to Birmingham.  Also a lamp that I redid for my desk.

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