Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

My most prized Christmas gift that I received this year was from my parents.  It cost $1 at the Thrift Store.  My mother and her best friend go Thrift Store shopping every once in a while to see what kind of neat things they can scrounge up, and this time they found a prize!  It is a "DoubleDay Interior Decorating" book from 1965.  I LOVE vintage furniture and this book sure has lots in it!  Very interesting how so many pieces are now back in style.  Also saw that Etsy has then for $1.50! My mom is very thoughtful and always buys me very nice things for Christmas as well as ALL the time.  When I told her that was my favorite gift, she probably thought she could have saved  A LOT of money!  Not only does it have neat pictures, pieces, and information.. It has 2 cursive D's on the front!  My last name starts with a D and that is probably why she originally picked it up!

My other favorite Thrift Store find is this coffee table.  This summer my mom and I were shopping for some things for my first apartment.  We ran into GoodWill, not expecting to find A THING, and I saw the diamond in the rough!  This is not a great representation of the table, but the only photo I could find.  So excuse my friend Heather's foot.  NO FEET ARE ALLOWED on that table!  I'm not sure when the table is from, my guess is the 50's or 60's.  It was pretty scratched up, but for $15, I knew I could work my magic.  So I filled in the scratches, polished it, and cleaned it up real nice!  At least, I think so!  I think no matter where I move, this piece will always come with me.  
Also the vintage House Beautiful's on the table were from a Flea Market.  They are from the 60's.  I thought they went well with the table!


  1. How have I missed the fact that you have a blog? Great idea! Can't wait to see more ideas!

  2. Haha remember, I told you that I had to start one so i would have something to do at work!!