Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creative ways to wrap gifts

1.  Using a paper shredder, put colorful tissue paper through and it looks so good in a clear bag with colored ribbon.
2.  My boyfriend's sister-in-law shredded used wrapping paper and used it as tissue in boxes.  Colorful, creative, and GREEN!
3.  My boyfriend Drew, wrapped all of the Christmas gifts he gave me last night (bless his heart).  He stacked them all, largest to smallest on top and tied a scarf around them. (Of course the scarf was a gift too, it wasn't used or anything!)
4.  When I wrap something small in a bag, I like to tie it strung with an ornament on the outside of the bag.
5.  My roommate and I made white chocolate peppermint bark last week and we put it in clear gift bags and she tied with red yarn.  So cute.
6.  Last but certainly not least.  You can NEVER go wrong with a plain white or simple box tied with ribbon.  Good luck finishing you Christmas shopping and wrapping!

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