Monday, December 22, 2008

a few of my favorite things

I really didn't know how to start off my first post.  So I thought I would think of a few random things that I enjoy or love!  I would love for any viewers to comment.

Picnik is a fun way to mess around with photo's.  I edit photos all the time with that website.  You can do anything with them!  Make them look vintage, do really technical things with them, and just do simple cropping and red eye adjustments!

My favorite candle.  Essential Elements Ginger & Citrus.  My boyfriend's sister-in-law got me started on them.  They are not over bearing with fragrance, they smell clean, and refreshing!  Best thing... you can get them at Publix.
Eero Saarinen's famous "Womb Chair."  Always have wanted one, sat in 1 when I visited Chicago with my design class.  It is PERFECTION.

Best show ever..  Anyone know if it is really being canceled?  I sure hope not!

This is one of my favorite books about Frank Lloyd Wright's love affair. 

Another favorite book.  It captures the best of Frank Lloyd Wright and his prairie houses.  (Beautiful coffee table book as well.)

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