Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recent Art

Last night Kerra, Drew and I went to My Monet.  Drew's first time, my second time, and Kerra has just been A LOT.  The painting was to be of these here bottles!  It was SO HARD.  I have taken many a painting class growing up and in college and never have I had such difficulty painting!  This is a close up of how mine turned out...  Any takers?
Drew was happy to be there.. I promise, he had fun.. It was his idea.  I think his is good!  Batman symbol, smiley face, and all!

Last, but not least.  Not good photography.. Drew commissioned me to paint this for him.  He has liked something similar for a long time on some paint ball video.  So I tried my best to not completely recreate it but something like it!  Not my taste, but he loves it.  I want to think of a really cool name for it...

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